Focal Fusion BX technologie fusiebiopsie  Prostaatkanker diagnostiek Prostaatbiopsie

Focal Healthcare

Focal Healthcare is a world-class medical device company committed to improving the physician and patient experience from prostate cancer diagnosis to treatment. Dedicated to intelligent, targeted prostate cancer care, Focal Healthcare has developed an image-guidance platform that integrates with and augments commercial diagnostic and therapeutic devices. Thoughtfully engineered, our patented arm is coupled with easy to use software that provides accurate diagnostics to improve patient outcomes and minimize associated healthcare costs.

Geleide biopsieën Prostaatkanker detectie Biopsie gestuurd door fusiebeeldvorming

Fusion Bx, Prostate Fuison Biopsies Made Simple

Prostate cancer is the only solid cancer still diagnosed through random sampling. Get accurate and meaningful results faster with a targeted approach. Thoughtfully engineered, the semi-robotic arm of the Fusion Bx allows you to effortlessly manoeuvre the probe to accurately locate and target suspicious regions of interest.

Key Features

Semi-Robotic Arm

The semi-robotic arm of the Fusion Bx system provides you with an unrestricted range of motion and  allows freehand-like access to the entire prostate, while maintaining consistent probe pressure to minimize prostate deformation.

Hands-Free Operation

Our patented counterbalance technology simplifies procedures by supporting the ultrasound probe in any position, reducing the need for assistance.

Motion Compensation

Automatic motion compensation adjusts for patient movement to maintain image registration – allowing procedures to continue uninterrupted.

Intuitive Interface

Fusion Bx is driven by a step-by-step guided workflow that enables urologists to perform procedures in less time and with minimal training. Moreover, buttons on the stepper allow urologists to advance through most of the procedure without having to take their hands off the probe.

1. Study

MRI scans can be imported from USB, DVD, network or PACS.

2. Sweep

A 3D model of prostate is generated from 2D ultrasound images.

3. Register

Rigid and elastic fusion accounts for shape and size differences.

4. Biopsy

Fused targets from MRI are superimposed onto live ultrasound.

Universal Compatibility

Most ultrasound probes can be connected with ease using the corresponding holster, and both transrectal and transperineal approaches are supported.

BX-fusietechnologie voor prostaatkanker Nauwkeurige prostaatbeeldvorming met BX-technologie

Key Features

Fusion MR, Prostate MRI Contouring

Fusion MR is software for interpreting MRIs of the prostate. This is the first step of a targeted biopsy procedure where suspicious regions of interest are identified using colour-coded contours. These marked-up MRIs are imported into the Fusion Bx and fused with live ultrasound. The intelligently simple interface enhances the communication between radiology and urology.

Fusion MR voor doelgerichte prostaatbiopsie

Seemless Integration

  • DICOM compatible with PACS
  • No upfront cost for licenses
fusion biopsie procedures  bij postaatonderzoek

High Speed Contouring

  • Supports fusion biopsy procedures
  • Semi-automated segmentation and contouring