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MedVision Patient Simulators

Simple to set-up, easy to run ... scenario training with many possibilities!

Our range of patient simulators from MedVision has been designed to support high quality simulation training in
an extensive variety of medical procedures and patient cases in adult and paediatric emergency care. Simulation-based medical trainingprovides an opportunity to apply theory and gain experience in skills or procedures that would otherwise be difficult without potentially putting patients at risk, such as managing emergency situations and resuscitation.


Leonardo, adult patient simulator

Leonardo has been designed for high quality simulation training in basic to advanced medical procedures, clinical team development and patient case management.

Its extensive functionality, combined with the ability to use your own medical devices will enable learners to fully immerse and challenge themselves as they put their individual and team skills to the test in time-critical emergency scenarios.

Learn more about the advantages of Leonardo in this video.


Arthur, peadiatric patient simulator

Arthur has been designed to support those working in child health to effectively communicate, assess, diagnose and treat young patients in a diverse range of critical scenarios in a variety of clinical settings.

Arthur represents a 5-8 year old boy that simulates a wide range of conditions. 

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MATT & Paediatric MATT

MATT is a portable adult auscultation skills trainers which is highly effective for learning cardiac, lung and abdomen auscultation points and sounds.

MedVision's auscultation task trainers (MATT) provide a rich library of sounds with amplified details for trainees to develop their patient assessment skills.

The sounds library conforms to American Thoracic Society guidelines.

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Leonardo VR, virtual patient simulator

Leonardo VR is MedVison's virtual reality patient simulator, allowing interaction and collaborative education (e.g. on a touchscreen table).

Leonardo VR is designed to assist in acquiring diagnostic skills, running treatments, practicing clinical decision making, and thus accelerating various skills of a healthcare professional in training.

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Mia, infant patient simulator

Mia is a state-of-the-art newborn simulator designed to meet the challenges of specialist training in infant care.


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MedVision Software Solutions

MedVisions intuitive software provides a wide range of pre-programmed patient states and scenarios and allows you to run the patient simulators on the fly and capture learning opportunities in the moment - all in a risk-free environment!


Alternatively, you can create your own scenarios to cover specific teaching points and learning objectives unique to your own training programmes.

Our complete range of software solutions include:

  • Instructor tablet
  • Scenario builder
  • Patient monitor
  • Debrief viewer with action log
  • CPR performance tracker (real-time)
  • Virtual manual defibrillator

Sectra Table

The Sectra Table is a large,immersive and interactive touch device that allows you to easily explore andexamine virtual representations of real bodies in minute detail. The 65” 4Kcapacitive touchscreen QLed monitor vastly improves the sense of interactionwith the visualized data.

3D images are quicklyrendered from data provided by CT and MR scans. By simply touching the screen,you can intuitively swipe, scroll, zoom, rotate and navigate inside the imagesas well as remove layers of skin and muscle and dissect the body with a virtualknife.

Acombination of the highly relevant medical education cases in our platform andthe versatility of the Sectra Table help students maximize learning as well asimprove their critical thinking and analytical skills. It supports groupdiscussions and facilitates collaborative team-based learning. The split-screenpossibilities allow four people to interact with and edit images simultaneously.

education portal

Sectra Education Portal

Sectra Education Portal is asubscription-based SaaS solution that provides advanced visualization tools anda multidisciplinary library of real anatomy and clinical cases that can be usedin integrated courses for both traditional and remote teaching purposes. Itties in anatomy, histopathology, radiology, trauma, orthopaedics, oncology,surgery and other specialties.

Preparing lessons online using a combination of our largelearning library and own cases makes it possible to tailor teaching in a uniqueway with endless possibilities—from material for students at the beginning oftheir medical curricula through to residency training. You can interact with,edit, organize and present the content efficiently, with the possibility toassimilate a clinical workflow. Students can access the educational material ontheir own devices at any time, facilitating self-directed learning.

Reliable digital technology ensures that quality and relevancealso remain high during online teaching. In addition, the solution can easilybe scaled up for use by many users across faculties and on different devices.

In addition to the cloud-based solution, you can also use a Sectra Table to furtherenhance the experience and performance of Sectra Education Portal.

Learn more about the advantages of Sectra in this video.

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MedCam Debriefing and Management System

Medcam® is an intuitive system for debriefing and Objective Structured Clinical Exams (OSCE), created on the basis of the latest technologies and the knowledge and experience of management staff, technicians and medical simulation instructors. Medcam is not only an audio-video recording based debriefing system. It is also a comprehensive tool for administering scenarios, assessment cards or exams.

Medcam PRO®is a comprehensive management system for the Medical Simulation Center (MSC). The system was created based on many years of experience of people managing both small and large MSCs.

Medcam PRO is a modern resource management tool that introduces new standards and optimizes the work of MSC in every area of its operation.

The system has different access levels for individual groups of employees. It allows information to be managed in a manner related to the scope of the employee’s duties.

Learn more about the advantages of Sectra in this video.

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