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Laparo Medical Simulators is a technology company based in Poland, dedicated to advancing surgical and medical education through innovative, high-quality simulation training equipment. Their laparoscopic simulators are designed with precision and attention to detail, providing medical professionals with a safe and controlled environment to practice and improve their laparoscopic surgical skills.

Laparo Advance, Advanced trainer for Professionals

LAPARO Advance is the highest class of personal laparoscopy trainers. The device is portable, yields an incredible build durability and design quality. The full HD camera which can be rotated and adjusted allows to practice at all configurations.

Laparo Analytic, laparoscopic trainer with training analysis

A technologically advanced simulator for the most demanding instructors and trainees. An original patented system of sensors along with an advanced algorithm for objective assessment used in the ANALYTIC help improve training quality. Analysis is active and helps both in real-time training and after. The ANALYTIC also provides an innovative training methodology.

An individual user account protected by password for every user allows saving all training sessions and the results. With the learning curve, both the student and instructor can monitor learning effectiveness based on specific parameters. The entire workstation is paired with the Laparo Training Program, along with which it forms a comprehensive device for effective training.

Laparo Apex, mixed-reality laparoscopic simulator

This hybrid solution from LAPARO was created by combining the knowledge and experience of professionals and engineers with the use of the state-of-the art technologies. The hybrid simulator is an innovative solution on a global scale.

It combines virtual reality with physical skills training. Despite its complexity, the trainer offers extremely simple and intuitive manual skills and procedures training, a wide selection of training modules, scenarios for conducting training in virtual reality and a number of tutorials that guide the user step by step like a personal trainer.

Laparo Apex Pro, hybrid laparoscopic simulator with pediatric procedures

This is an immersive training in a virtual environment with a real-world feel.

Laparo Apex PRO is the most advanced hybrid simulator for laparoscopic training, offering a unique combination of virtual reality and physical module training. It is the first laparoscopic simulator in the world that is dedicated also to training in pediatric surgery, providing a great opportunity for trainees to gain valuable experience and expertise in this challenging field. Ideal for medical institutions seeking to enhance their surgical training programs, Laparo Apex PRO is the ultimate solution for a superior surgical training experience.

Laparo Training Program

The Laparo Training Program is a unique and comprehensive skills training program for learning laparoscopy. Students on this training path are guided from the simplest exercises all the way to the most advanced suturing techniques, complex instrument movements, and techniques. By breaking down each complex skill into separate exercises and by steadily increasing the difficulty, this program aims to make the steep learning curve easier for the trainee. Laparo Training Program is almost 60 exercises divided into 4 levels and additional procedures.

The Analytic, Apex and Apex Pro provide a system of objective evaluation for training based on sensors and analysis of the image from the camera and it is capable of verifying skill improvement on an ongoing basis. Every training session is paired with a debrief score result screen which helps trainees identify the bad habits and allows them to constantly improve their skills.

Laparo Mentor Desktop

Laparo Advance, Analytic and Apex all feature networking functionality. Thanks to this it is possible to facilitate group workshops. The Mentor Desktop Station allows the simultaneous supervision of many trainees. An instructor may also stream their own screen to all other workstations.

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